Chapel is a School Curriculum program that allows for spiritual reflections and personal empowerment. Students and teachers collaborate to plan and carry out the program based on the term’s theme. On Day 3 and Fridays, chapel programs/sessions are scheduled. The Friday Chapel sessions typically have a spiritual focus, while the other sessions may focus on secular issues related to the day’s theme.

Conducting song service, scripture reading, skits, singing, poetry, presentations, and playing instruments as an accompaniment for song service or musical items are all examples of student participation. Such activities allow them to hone their skills and discover their talents and abilities.

Guest speakers and other relevant organizations are invited to speak on current issues to raise awareness and empower students to deal with some of life’s most difficult issues. Childline, National Security Officers, Just Because Foundation, Mt. Hope Women’s Hospital, Pastors, Mental Health Officers, USC Music Band, and many others have been among the guests.

Appropriate films are sometimes used in chapel sessions as well. It is one of the most anticipated weekly events at the school.